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Depositions in Georgia in the Age of COVID-19

April 02, 2020 BY Gary McGinty | Commercial Transportation Law

It's hard to imagine anything in today's world that has not been impacted by COVID-19. The legal profession is, of course, no exception. Lawyers must be prepared each day to respond and adjust to the shifting sets of challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. The goal for each attorney should be to provide excellent legal services while ensuring that everyone involved stays healthy and safe. For depositions during this time, we feel that this goal is most effectively accomplished via remote video conferencing. ... Continue Reading

Expert Witness: To Exclude, or Not to Exclude, That is the Question

March 31, 2020 BY Robert Quinn | General Liability

A significant factor to consider when evaluating a case, in particular for purposes of settlement, is whether the opposing party intends to utilize expert witnesses. The inclusion or exclusion of opposing party's expert witness in some instances may make or break a case. The lack of an expert witness such as an economist may prohibit a plaintiff from proving future lost income which would significantly diminish the value of the case. Or failing to disclose a orthopedist as a testifying expert may preclude an injured plaintiff from establishing causation. Alternatively, the use of such expert witnesses by the plaintiff may significantly strengthen their case and convince you or your client that settlement is more advantageous than proceeding to trial. The use of an expert witness becomes even more important when the other side intends to use one. There are countless instances where juries put undue weight on the testimony of an expert merely because the other side failed to present similar testimony to rebut the expert's opinion. This makes the disclosure of an expert witness critical for evaluating a case for settlement. ... Continue Reading

Change of Condition vs. Fictional New Injury: A review of AZ Atlanta et al. v. Surge Staffing, LLC, et. al.

March 25, 2020 BY Ryan Hathcock | Workers Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Act is most successful in its application when an injured worker receives all necessary and related medical treatment needed to return the employee back to his pre-injury state that allows him to pursue gainful employment. Ideally, the employee's condition is restored so far as he is capable of performing the same pre-injury work duties for the same employer. ... Continue Reading

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