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CDC Issues New Guidelines for Opioid Prescriptions

December 05, 2017 BY Charles Hoey | Workers Compensation

The opioid crisis in America is frequently in the news and should be. Opioids have caused an enormous cost increase for workers' compensation employers and insurers. ... Continue Reading

So How Did My "Dog" Case Become a Cat Case?

December 05, 2017 BY Terry Strawser | Workers Compensation

We've all had it happen. We think we have a case well positioned for settlement, when we receive a grossly inflated demand from opposing counsel with the explanation, "as you can see, this case is likely to be deemed Catastrophic." ... Continue Reading

Impact of Detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Workers' Compensation Benefits

December 04, 2017 BY Lauren Julian | Workers Compensation

With the increasing focus on illegal immigration in our current political climate one issue that employers and insurers are likely to encounter is what happens to an illegal alien claimant's temporary total disability in the event of detainment by the United States Bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ... Continue Reading

What You Say Could Be "At Issue" - Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Bad Faith Cases

December 04, 2017 BY Sarah Dumbacher | Appellate

Not every communication that falls within the scope of the attorney-client privilege is entitled to protection. ... Continue Reading

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