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Don't Just Sit There: Documents That Require Fast Action

April 10, 2017 BY Christopher Jackson | Workers Compensation

One thing that makes workers' compensation unique relative to other fields of law is how quickly cases move. Georgia's workers' compensation system is designed so that cases, and issues within those cases, move through the system quickly. This attribute contributes to the greater purpose of the entire system: to help claimant's recover from their injuries and get back to work as safely and quickly as possible. ... Continue Reading

Failure to Take "Reasonable Steps" to Preserve Electronically Stored Information May Cost Your Client

April 10, 2017 BY Melody Kiella | General Liability

In December 2015, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e), which concerns a party's failure to preserve electronically stored information ("ESI"), was amended because it did "not adequately address the serious problems resulting from the continued exponential growth [of ESI]". ... Continue Reading

Pre-Suit Settlement of Minors' Claims

April 10, 2017 BY Jason Prine | General Liability

The majority of claims are settled by claims professionals without involving attorneys or litigation. These settlement agreement are contracts. Generally, contracts entered into by minors are voidable at the election of the minor when she reaches the age of majority. ... Continue Reading

The Use of Employment Services as an Alternative Form of Light-Duty Tenders for the Unwilling or Reluctant Employer

April 10, 2017 BY Bryant Speed | Workers Compensation

There are a few extra conditions that must be considered when utilizing this method of tendering light-duty employment. ... Continue Reading

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