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Don't Blame Me, Blame My Boss: When an Employer is Liable for an Employee's Acts

January 03, 2017 BY Christina Jay | Workers Compensation

As a general rule in Georgia, under the doctrine of respondeat superior, an employer is liable for injuries to another proximately resulting from the acts of an employee committed within the scope of his or her employment. ... Continue Reading

Think You Can't Win on Summary Judgment? Think Again

January 03, 2017 BY Sarah Dumbacher | First Party Insurance Law

Motions for summary judgment are critical tools to litigation, if they can be won. ... Continue Reading

Call Off the Dogs: Basic Steps for Analyzing a Dog Owner's Potential Liability under Georgia's Dog Bite Statute

January 03, 2017 BY Kyle Smith | First Party Insurance Law

Under Georgia law, a dog owner's liability for injuries caused by her dog depends on several factors. ... Continue Reading

Georgia Court of Appeals Defines What Constitutes "Customary Operations" of a Building Owner

January 03, 2017 BY Karen Karabinos | Subrogation

Vacancy exclusions found in insurance policies issued to owners of commercial buildings typically provide that a building is vacant unless at least 31% of its total square footage is (i) rented to a lessee or sub-lessee and used b the lessee or sub-lessee to conduct its customary operations; and/or (ii) used by the building owner to conduct its customary operations. ... Continue Reading

The Best Offense is a Good (Panel) Defense: Controlling the Medical and Controlling the Game

January 03, 2017 BY Ann Reinig | Workers Compensation

It's no surprise that a large portion of the money spent in a workers' compensation claim goes towards a claimant's medical treatment. ... Continue Reading

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