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Incarceration in Georgia Workers' Compensation Law: What are the issues and how to tackle them

December 14, 2015 BY Mike Bagley | Workers Compensation

The workers' compensation system is a microcosm of American society as a whole and there are times when injured ... Continue Reading

Compensability can be tricky! Common Pitfalls Explained

December 07, 2015 BY Sarah Dumbacher | Workers Compensation

The issue of whether an accident that occurs in the workplace is compensable can be tricky. Often, compensability will hinge on ... Continue Reading

"I didn't see it coming." - When a crime is not foreseeable, the premises owner is not liable

December 01, 2015 BY Christina Jay | General Liability

Generally, premises owners face liability for criminal violence on a property when it is reasonably foreseeable. This is because ... Continue Reading

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