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Workers' Compensation Liability Arising Out Of Recreational Or Social Events: Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

August 05, 2015 BY Lauren Julian | Appellate

As the weather warms up and everyone gravitates towards spending more time outdoors, Employer's often host or sponsor recreational or social events for their employees. ... Continue Reading

Prior Traversal Of A Static Condition Remains Viable Grounds For Summary Judgment In Premises Liability Cases—For Now

August 04, 2015 BY Whitney Lay Greene | General Liability

Central to Georgia premises liability law is the requirement that the proprietor have superior knowledge of a hazardous condition on its premises in order to be liable for accidents and injuries ... Continue Reading

First Party Property Div Claim: Federal District Court In Georgia Declines Request For Declaration That State Farm Homeowners Policies Provide Coverage For Future Div Claims

August 03, 2015 BY Eric Mull | First Party Insurance Law

The decision in John Thompson v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co., No. 5:14-CV-32 (MTT) (M.D. Ga. May 14, 2015) reflects yet another effort by policyholders to benefit from ... Continue Reading

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