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Is The Injury That Occurred On Break Compensable? – Injuries On "Regularly Scheduled Breaks"

June 04, 2015 BY John Adkisson | Workers Compensation

What happens when an employee is injured while on a break? Injuries that occur during "regularly scheduled breaks" are generally not ... Continue Reading

Georgia Supreme Court: The Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity Does Not Bar Sureties And Subrogees From Recovering Against The State

June 02, 2015 BY Adam Beedenbender | Commercial Law

On September 22, 2014, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed a controversial Court of Appeals decision, which held that the doctrine of sovereign ... Continue Reading

Facebooking At Work? It's For Discovery, I Swear!

June 01, 2015 BY M. Waite Thomas | General Liability

Social media and social networking websites have taken a solid foothold in American and global culture. The Pew Research Center estimates that ... Continue Reading

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