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Strokes And Heart Attacks: Burden Of Proof And Medical Inquiry

April 03, 2015 BY John Blackmon | Workers Compensation

On March 25, 2015 the Georgia Court of Appeals issued a decision in the case of an alleged work-related stroke. Save-A-Lot Food Stores v. Amos ... Continue Reading

Direct Negligence Claims And Developments In Apportionment

April 02, 2015 BY Emily Shuman | General Liability

The law on apportionment in Georgia continues to develop, most recently in the areas of negligent training, entrustment, and similar claims. This is probably best ... Continue Reading

Another One Bites The Dust: Georgia's Impact Rule

April 01, 2015 BY Lisa Richardson | General Liability

For over 100 years, Georgia's impact rule has prohibited recovery in a negligence cause of action where there has been no physical impact to a ... Continue Reading

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