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Who's Your Doctor? Tips For Keeping Control Of Medical Benefits With The Posted Panel

February 04, 2015 BY Christopher Bennett | Workers Compensation

Getting and maintaining control of who the medical provider is on a claim can significantly affect the amount of medical costs and indemnity payments paid on a claim. ... Continue Reading

Taking Credit Where Credit Is Due: Wc-243 Issues In Workers' Compensation Claims

February 03, 2015 BY Lara Ortega | Workers Compensation

In Georgia, the Workers' Compensation Act protects an employer/insurer against an injured worker "double-dipping" in their recovery. For instance, ... Continue Reading

Discoverability/Admissibility Of Evidence Relating To Litigation Finance Companies

February 02, 2015 BY Matthew Jones | General

An increasingly frequent trend in personal injury cases is plaintiffs are having their medical treatment "financed" by third parties. The typical ... Continue Reading

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