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Sureties And Contractors: Deviate From The Contract's Claims Notice Provisions At Your Own Peril

May 04, 2014 BY Adam Beedenbender | Construction Law

The Georgia Court of Appeals' March 28, 2014 decision in Western Sur. Co. v. Department of Transp. is likely to strike fear into the hearts of ... Continue Reading

Litigation Pitfalls: Failure To Preserve Evidence In Your"Control."

May 03, 2014 BY Lisa Richardson | Employment Law

Spoliation of evidence is the destruction or failure to preserve evidence within the possession, custody or control of a party after that party ... Continue Reading

LAM V. ALLSTATE Indemnity Company: Appraisal Provision Does Not Apply To The Scope Of The Loss

May 02, 2014 BY Paul Burke | First Party Insurance Law

In a recent decision, the Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that an Appraisal Provision in a property insurance policy would be limited to questions ... Continue Reading

Appointment: The Court Clarifies The State Of Contribution And Indemnity

May 01, 2014 BY Emily Shuman | General Liability

Since tort reform was enacted in 2005, the Georgia law on apportionment has continued to evolve. To some extent, the Courts have ... Continue Reading

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