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Damage To A Contractor's Own Work Can Be Within The Definition Of "Occurance" In A CGL Policy But Still May Not Be Covered

November 04, 2013 BY Brian Moore | Construction Law

On July 12, 2013, the Supreme Court of Georgia issued a ruling in Taylor Morrison Services, Inc. v. HDI-Gerling America Ins. Co., further interpreting and defining the term "occurrence" as used in the context of a "standard" CGL policy.[1] (No. S13Q0462; 2013WL3841555). ... Continue Reading

Update on the Constitutional Attack On Florida's 104 Week CAP on TTD

November 03, 2013 BY John Blackmon | Workers Compensation

In March of this year (Volume 25, No. 146), we reported on a decision from the First District of the Florida Court of Appeal, which held the 104 week cap on TTD was unconstitutional ... Continue Reading

No Notice of Potential Litigation, No Possible Spoliation

November 02, 2013 BY Def Admin | Appellate

Spoliation "is the destruction or the significant and meaningful alteration of evidence," so that the evidence is no longer available to a party in pending or future litigation. ... Continue Reading

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