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Violence In The Workplace: Random Assults And Current Application of Georgia Law

September 05, 2013 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

Unfortunately violence in the workplace is on the rise. A 2011 study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 17% of workplace fatalities that year were the result of ... Continue Reading

The Great Windfall: Whether Insured's In Georgia May Cover Replacement Costs Without First Repairing Or Replacing Their Property

September 04, 2013 BY Def Admin | First Party Insurance Law

Standard property insurance policies allow insureds to collect the actual value of their damaged or lost property. Insureds may often secure ... Continue Reading

Rise Of SSDI Claims And Impact On Workers' Compensation Claims

September 03, 2013 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

Since the Great Recession of 2008, there has been a spike in claims for Social Security disability income ("SSDI") benefits and unemployment ... Continue Reading

Look Out Below: Georgia Court Of Appeals Affirms Summary Judgement For Defendants In Two Recent Falling-Merchandise Cases

September 02, 2013 BY Def Admin | General Liability

Two recent Georgia Court of Appeals decisions confirm that premises owners have at least two viable lines of defense in falling-merchandise cases. In both ... Continue Reading

A Contractor's Own Work: An "Occurrence" Under A CGL Policy?

September 01, 2013 BY Eric Mull | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Insurance adjusters and contractors need to be aware of the divergent applications of the "your work" exclusion based upon the jurisdiction in which a case is being litigated. ... Continue Reading

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