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Out Of State Employment And Accident - Jurisdiction In Georgia?

June 02, 2014 BY John Blackmon | General

The term "jurisdiction" in a workers' compensation context frequently means whether the claim has been timely filed. However, it can also involve the issue of whether ... Continue Reading

Are We There Yet?: Court REaffirms Established Doctrine Regarding Accidents Going To And Coming From Work

July 01, 2013 BY Stephen Graham | Workers Compensation

In a decision favorable to employers and insurers, the Georgia Court of Appeals, in the recent cases of The Medical Center, Inc. v. Hernandez et al. and Hernandez et al. ... Continue Reading

Whose Right Is It Anyway? An Employer/Insurer's Right (Or Lack Thereof) To Add Parties To A Hearing

June 03, 2013 BY Whitney Lay Greene | Workers Compensation

In a typical workers' compensation claim, "Employee" is working for "Employer 1", gets hurt on the job, and requests a hearing to seek benefits from Employer 1. ... Continue Reading

The Power Of The Panel: Will Strict Compliance Be Enforced?

June 02, 2013 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

In any given workers' compensation claim, there is potential for a multitude of disputes over issues running the gamut from entitlement to indemnity benefits, ... Continue Reading

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