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The Impact Of Violating Private Guidelines On Premises Liability: Samuels V. Cbocs Inc.

January 04, 2013 BY Def Admin | General Liability

The Court of Appeals's recent decision in Samuels v. CBOCS Inc., No. A12A1525 (Ga. App. Nov. 27, 2012), suggests that evidence of a violation of a ... Continue Reading

Property Law Update

January 03, 2013 BY Paul Burke | First Party Insurance Law

In the recent case of Bell v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company., S.E.2d, 2012, 12 FCDR 4011 (Ga.App. Nov. 30, 2012) the insureds (the Bells) challenged ... Continue Reading

"Ex Parte" Communications With Doctors In Workers' Compensation Cases: The Supreme Court Of Georgia Stops The Madness In Arby's V. Mcrae

January 01, 2013 BY | Workers Compensation

In 2011, the Georgia Court of Appeals issued its opinion in McRae v. Arby's Rest. Group, holding that the State Board of Workers' Compensation ... Continue Reading

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