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Recovery Of Diminution In Value For First Party Property Claims In Georgia

November 03, 2012 BY Paul Burke | First Party Insurance Law

The decision in Royal Capital Development v. Maryland Casualty, 728 S.E. 2d 234 (Ga. 2012) is landmark. ... Continue Reading

Q: When Is A Co-Worker Not A Co-Worker? A: When He Shoots A Fellow Employee In The Leg

November 02, 2012 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

The Supreme Court of Georgia Approves an Injured Employee's Tort Suit ... Continue Reading

Ecm's And Spoliation: The Importance Of An Accurate Record

November 01, 2012 BY Def Admin | Appellate

The fastest and most effective way for a party to lose an otherwise defensible case is to be sanctioned for spoliating evidence. In Georgia, spoliation is defined as the ... Continue Reading

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