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Lookin' For Work In All The Wrong Places: Status Of Claimant's Maloney Burden After Ogletree And Maughon

September 05, 2012 BY | Workers Compensation

In two cases within the past year, the Court of Appeals has returned to the framework laid down inMaloney v. Gordon County Farms, ... Continue Reading

Leaky Pipes, Construction "Accidents", And "Occurrences": Plugging The Holes In Georgia Commercial General Liability Policies

September 04, 2012 BY Def Admin | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

In the piney woods of south Georgia, one of the countless roadside motels along Interstate 75 was recently renovated to create a grand new hotel experience ... Continue Reading

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Pre-Suit Investigation By An Independent Adjuster

September 03, 2012 BY Eric Mull | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

The facts are routine – a set of circumstances you know well. An accident of some sort occurs, let's say a car accident, the claim is reported ... Continue Reading

Facebook And Fraud: A Guide To Investigating Social Media During Insurance ClaimsFacebook And Fraud: A Guide To Investigating Social Media During Insurance Claims

September 02, 2012 BY Def Admin | First Party Insurance Law

Whether you are updating your status on MySpace or Twitter, posting an embarrassing video of your friend in Vegas on YouTube, uploading photographs ... Continue Reading

2013 Workers Compensation Legislation

September 01, 2012 BY Mike Bagley | Workers Compensation

The Advisory Council of the State Board of Workers' Compensation has announced that it will submit its 2013 legislative package to the governor this month. ... Continue Reading

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