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What You Should Know About Sue & Labor Coverage

June 04, 2012 BY Sarah Dumbacher | First Party Insurance Law

First appearing in the realm of marine insurance, "Sue & Labor" clauses have gradually made their way into many present day ... Continue Reading

Say What? An Overview Of The Fundamentals Of A Hearing Loss Injury

June 03, 2012 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

Many employers across the state of Georgia will never deal with hearing loss injuries. By the very nature of their businesses, ... Continue Reading

Newly Discovered Evidence: What Was Known, And Should Have Been Known After A Work Injury

June 02, 2012 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

The time for an employer/insurer to investigate and determine compensability of a work injury starts ticking as soon as it is known that actual ... Continue Reading

Coverage Denials Become More Dangerous For Insurance Carriers In Georgia

June 01, 2012 BY Burke Noble | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

In Hoover v. Maxum, Indemnity Company, 2012 Ga. Lexis 570 (June 18, 2012), the Georgia Supreme Court held that an insurance carrier ... Continue Reading

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