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Work Injuries At Home: How Telecommuting Is Bringing The Scope Of Employment Into The Homes Of Employees

May 06, 2012 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

One of the prevailing trends in the American work force today is the ability to work from home, or "telecommute." Although fifteen ... Continue Reading

They'll Try Anything: An Uninjured Claimant Requests Benefits Based Upon A 'Perceived Disability'

May 05, 2012 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

A central tenet of the Georgia Workers' Compensation system is that a worker must be injured before he is qualified to receive ... Continue Reading

One Size Does Not Fit All: Eeoc Guidance Regarding Employer's Use Of Criminal Records In Employment Decisions

May 04, 2012 BY Meredith Guerrero | Employment Law

In recent months, the EEOC has expressed concern regarding employers' use of uniform employment policies and practices. Historically, consistency was ... Continue Reading

No Shelter From The Storm: Court Declines To Rule Uninhabitable House Not Residence Premises As A Matter Of Law

May 03, 2012 BY | First Party Insurance Law

A recent decision from the Northern District of Georgia highlights the uncertainties that often exist when an insurer relies on the "residence premises" ... Continue Reading

It's Not Personal. It's Business: New Case Erodes Deviation Defense

May 02, 2012 BY Ryan Klee | General

In Stokes v. Coweta County Board of Education (A11A2062), the Court of Appeals recently decided a case that expands the circumstances ... Continue Reading

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