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Protect Yourself At All Times: Wear A Veil

January 05, 2012 BY Gary Beelen | Commercial Law

One of the first decisions a prospective business owner needs to make, especially self-employed or small business owners, is the proper business form through ... Continue Reading

Praying For A Ponzi Scheme: A Peculiar Sacrament Of Ill-Gotten Gains, Church Donations, Written Reservations, And Declining Insurance Coverage

January 04, 2012 BY Def Admin | Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Reverend Ernest is the pastor of a local church. One fine Sunday morning, as the collection plates are passed, a member of his congregation deposits a substantial gift. ... Continue Reading

Convenience Stores Subject To Liability Under Georgia's Dram Shop Act - Flores V. Exprezit! Stores 98-Georgia, LLC,

January 03, 2012 BY Matthew Nanninga | General Liability

We have all been to a gas station at eight o'clock at night, standing ten deep in line, with one cashier working two registers ringing up cigarettes, ... Continue Reading

Are You Confused Yet? The State Of Idiopathic Injuries After Harris And Ward

January 02, 2012 BY Matthew Walker | Workers Compensation

One of the basic principles of Georgia workers' compensation law is that for an injury to be compensable, ... Continue Reading

Anticipation Of Litigation Protection For Claim Files

January 01, 2012 BY Karen Karabinos | First Party Insurance Law

Once litigation is filed, insured's attorneys regularly serve requests for production of documents seeking the insurance company's entire ... Continue Reading

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