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Who Exactly Committed This Crime, Anyway? Recent Trial Court Rulings Denying Apportionment Of Fault To Criminals In The Context Of Premises Liability / Negligent Security Cases

November 05, 2011 BY Def Admin | General

A crime victim who pursues a civil case is looking for deep pockets; the actual criminal is therefore rarely a "target defendant" simply because he has no assets. ... Continue Reading

The Perils Of Producing Applicant And Employee Medical Records In Light Of The EEOC Decision

November 04, 2011 BY Def Admin | Employment Law

In Bennett v. John E. Potter, Postmaster General, USPS, EEOC Dec 0120073097, 2011 WL 244217 (January 11, 2011), the EEOC addressed whether Mr. Bennett's employer, the ... Continue Reading

Caution: Employee Accidents Caused By Cell Phone Distractions

November 03, 2011 BY Def Admin | Workers Compensation

We see it every day, whether driving on a crowded interstate or through a local school zone, a large number of drivers appear more interested in their cell phone conversations ... Continue Reading

"Don't Let The Evidence Spoil"

November 02, 2011 BY Def Admin | Commercial Transportation Law

You have a nice restaurant. Great food, good atmosphere, lots of flat screen TVs for sport watching and good times are usually had by all. One fateful evening, one of ... Continue Reading

Mcrae V. Arby's: What It Does And Does Not Mean

November 01, 2011 BY Dean Dellinger | Workers Compensation

On December 1, 2011, the Court of Appeals issued an opinion in McRae v. Arby's Restaurant Group thatis causing a lot of frenzy in the world of workers' compensation. ... Continue Reading

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