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Legislature Says No General Jurisdiction In Georgia: Court Of Appeals Not Convinced

May 06, 2011 BY Def Admin | General Liability

Nonresidents sometimes are subject to suit in this state under the Georgia Long Arm Statute which establishes circumstances ... Continue Reading

Issues In Forum Selection: Avoiding Federal Abstention In Insurance Coverage Disputes

March 02, 2011 BY Jason Prine | General

An insurer has at least three options when presented with a liability claim or suit against an insured: (1) accept the claim and defend the insured if suit ... Continue Reading

Give Me Shelter: Clarifying Home Ownership Issues In Catastrophic Claims

March 01, 2011 BY | General

The extent and manner of home modifications in catastrophic claims present many problems in terms of claims management, which can lead to ... Continue Reading

A "Tank" By Any Other Name: Prior Negotiations And Their Effect On The Establishment Of Coverage

March 01, 2011 BY Def Admin | General

It is an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Wednesday afternoon, and you receive a request for a quote for property coverage. The request contains a description ... Continue Reading

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