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Understand "ESI" Before You End Up Needing "CSI": Changes In The Federal Rules Dealing With Electronic Discovery And Related Matters

September 05, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

This article was written before Drew, Eckl & Farnham individually indexed its Journal Publications. ... Continue Reading

Insolvency Pool Coverage For Former SEUS Insureds

September 04, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

This summer, Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue signed into a law a bill that allows employers whose previous workers compensation insurance carriers went ... Continue Reading

Court Of Appeals Clarifies That Claimant's Spouse Was Not Precluded From Recovering Attendant Care Services. Medical Office Management Et Al V. Hardee, 693 S.E. 2nd 103 (Ga. App. 2010).

September 01, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

In Hardee, the Court of Appeals held that a claimant/spouse was not precluded from recovering the cost of attendant care services which were medically ... Continue Reading

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