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Use Of Blind Negotiations At Mediation

March 05, 2010 BY Bruce Taylor | General

The resolution of construction disputes can be a dizzying process even for the most experienced attorneys and their clients. A project which begins with high hopes and expectations, all too often ends in confusion and posturing among the several varying interests ... Continue Reading

The Dust Begins To Settle: Georgia Supreme Court Rules On Constitutionality Of Three Provisions Of 2005 Tort Reform Legislation

March 04, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

In 2005 the Georgia Legislature passed tort reform legislation which made sweeping procedural and substantive changes to existing tort law. ... Continue Reading

Property Corner - Summary Judgment Granted On Both Application And Claims Misrepresentation

March 03, 2010 BY Paul Burke | General

In the unpublished decision of Pierce v. Allstate Insurance Company, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 71957 (USDC, ND of GA, Atlanta Div., Sept. 19, 2008) Judge Owen Forrester did something extremely rare in a property insurance case. ... Continue Reading

Evaluating And Preserving Your Subrogation Claim: Five Practice Pointers

March 02, 2010 BY Brian Moore | General

What follows are five practice pointers that highlight issues which are often overlooked when evaluating a subrogation claim. ... Continue Reading

Broda V. Dziwura: What Has Happened To One-Injury-One-Satisfaction?

March 01, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

Under Georgia law, a plaintiff traditionally has been limited to one satisfaction for one injury. ... Continue Reading

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