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The 1-2-3s Of Structured Annuities

January 04, 2010 BY | General

Structured annuities can be great tools to reduce overall costs of settlement, and still provide the Claimant with a source of ongoing income. ... Continue Reading

New Rules Regarding Tolling Of The Statute Of Limitations In Some Motor Vehicle Accident Related Personal Injury Claims.

January 03, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

In its recent decision in Beneke v. Parker, 285 Ga. 733, 684 SE 2d 243 (2009), the Georgia Supreme Court re-defined the method for calculating the expiration of the statute of limitations in some personal injury cases. ... Continue Reading

Innocence Lost: The Innocent Co-Insured Doctrine In Georgia

January 02, 2010 BY Mike Bagley | General

In a first party property insurance setting, a question that frequently arises is whether the fraud or misconduct of one insured will bar recovery by other innocent co-insureds. ... Continue Reading

Georgia's Magistrate Courts: A Different Playing Field

January 01, 2010 BY Def Admin | General

As attorneys and claims professionals we are all familiar with the day to day workings of Georgia's State and Superior Courts: the system of complaints, answers, motions practice, written discovery, depositions, jury trials and a "final resolution" on the merits ... Continue Reading

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