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Subrogation Of Umbi, Personal Injury, And Medical Payments – When Allowed? A State By State Approach

November 03, 2009 BY Eric Mull | General

Subrogation arises in equity to ensure the payment of a debt by the one who in justice, equity, and good conscious should ultimately pay. There are two general grounds affording an insurer the right to subrogate a claim. ... Continue Reading

Odds Are, It's Not "Your" Closing Attorney

November 02, 2009 BY Gary Beelen | General

In a standard residential real estate purchase transaction, there are generally six (6) separate contracts in play... ... Continue Reading

Employer Alert: The EEOC Is Targeting Leave Policies That Violate The ADA

November 01, 2009 BY Meredith Guerrero | General

With the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008 ("ADAA"), which expanded coverage of the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA" or the "Act"), the federal government has made no secret of the fact that they are ramping up enforcement of the ADA. ... Continue Reading

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