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The Scope Of Discovery Pursuant To The Statutory Amendment To O.C.G.A. § 34-9-207.

September 05, 2009 BY Taylor Poncz | General

There is no dispute that every individual is entitled to a certain degree of privacy in his medical history and medical records. ... Continue Reading

Mediating Workers' Compensation Claims: Practice And Procedure

September 04, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

The benefits of mediation are well documented which is why it has become such popular form of dispute resolution. ... Continue Reading

Holding The Bag And Other Worthwhile Endeavors: The Standing Of Judgment Creditors In Bankruptcy

September 03, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

After a lengthy and costly legal brawl, you've obtained a monetary judgment against a back-sliding individual defendant. Let's call him Marley Bankrupt. ... Continue Reading

Dekalb County Board Of Education V. Singleton: Revisiting The Compensability Of Psychological Injuries In Workers' Compensation Cases

September 02, 2009 BY Stephen Graham | General

Georgia Employer's routinely encounter workers' compensation claims seeking lost-time benefits and/or medical treatment for alleged psychological injuries. ... Continue Reading

Americans With Disabilities Act Grows, As Do Concerns For Employers

September 01, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA") has created its fair share of hurdles for employers and legal professionals alike. ... Continue Reading

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