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Turning Up The Heat: Increased Risks For Outdoor Workers During Summer Months

July 05, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

As the temperature rises, so does the potential for certain injuries and heat-related illnesses, especially amongst Georgia's outdoor workers. ... Continue Reading

The Occurrence Void In Georgia

July 04, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

In occurrence based insurance policies, whether there has been an occurrence is a threshold matter in determining whether the insurer may have to provide coverage for an insured. In the last five to ten years, what constitutes an occurrence has become somewhat muddled in Georgia law ... Continue Reading

Pocketful Of Kryptonite: Court Of Appeals Finds No Superadded Injury Where Treatment Was Unauthorized And Not Reasonable

July 03, 2009 BY Benson Ward | General

A compensable work injury is rarely a simple matter. In addition to the many issues that arise regarding the treatment of the injury and the return of the claimant to the workforce, there is the potential for complication when an injured part affects and incapacitates another part that was not affected in the underlying accident. ... Continue Reading

It's Time To Circle The Wagons: Practical Tips For Employers To Lawfully Prevent Union Organization

July 02, 2009 BY Megan Noble | General

It is beyond reasonable dispute that the current political environment is very pro-union. ... Continue Reading

Break Periods: Why An Injury During Work Hours Does Not Always Equal A Work Injury

July 01, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

he question often arises whether an injury suffered by an employee while on a "break period" classifies as a compensable injury. ... Continue Reading

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