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The Property Corner Question of the Month:

March 06, 2009 BY Benson Ward | General


Severance Pay: To Take Credit Or Not In Tough Economic Times

March 05, 2009 BY Def Admin | General

In workers' compensation claims, we all want to obtain every credit entitlement that we can for our clients, and in accepted claims the main method of obtaining some form of credit is by timely filing a WC-243 form for Credit. ... Continue Reading

Federal Stimulus Package Subsidizes Health Insurance Premiums Under Cobra

March 04, 2009 BY Mike Bagley | General

Among the many programs implemented in the wake of the current economic crisis is one particularly relevant for those involved with reductions in force and other job eliminations. ... Continue Reading

Death Of A Salesman: New Case Expands Zamora Presumption In Unexplained Death Cases

March 03, 2009 BY | General

Georgia courts will presume that an employee's death arises out of and in the course of employment when: 1) the employee is found dead at a place he might reasonably be expected to be in performance of his job; and 2) the death is unexplained. ... Continue Reading

Arbitrating Nursing Home Claims In The Context Of Pending Litigation

March 01, 2009 BY John Stevens | General

Over the past decade, professional malpractice claims against long term care facilities in Georgia have increased exponentially. Traditionally, professional medical malpractice claims were asserted against hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other acute care medical providers. ... Continue Reading

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