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United Grocery Outlet V. Bennett: Clarifying The "Change In Condition" Statute Of Limitations

November 05, 2008 BY Matthew Walker | General

The "change in condition" statute of limitations contained in O.C.G.A. ยง 34-9-104(b) has historically been one of the more confusing provisions of Georgia's Workers' Compensation Act. ... Continue Reading

Journal Celebrates 20 Years

November 04, 2008 BY Mike Bagley | General

This newsletter has been published faithfully and uninterrupted every other month for the past 20 years. ... Continue Reading

Excuses, Excuses: What Constitutes A Proper Case To Open Default After Bellsouth V. Future Communications?V

November 03, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

A Georgia defendant is "in default" after failure to file a required answer within 30 days or failure to answer an amended complaint when ordered to do so by the Court. ... Continue Reading

Department Of Insurance Changes To Suit Limitations Periods Cannot Be Applied Retroactively

November 02, 2008 BY Karen Karabinos | General

On April 21, 2008, United States District Court Judge Orinda D. Evans held that the emergency regulations issued and subsequently adopted by the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's Office... ... Continue Reading

Can An Employee Bring A Federal Rico Claim Against Employer And Insurer In Relation To A Workers' Compensation Claim? Landmark Decision Says Yes.

November 01, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

A Sixth Circuit Court recently came to a decision that will have a considerable impact across the country for workers' compensation carriers. ... Continue Reading

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