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Timely Paid, But To The Wrong Person: An Employer's Obligation When A Claimant's Ttd Check Is Stolen

September 04, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

As undoubtedly any self-insured employer or workers' compensation insurance carrier knows, the golden rule when paying workers' compensation benefits pursuant to an award is: "20 days in-state and 17 days out of state." ... Continue Reading

The Doctrine Of Continuous Employment: Still Confusing After All These Years

September 03, 2008 BY Tricia Cunningham | General

Perhaps one of the more confusing issues that arise in workers' compensation claims involves the doctrine of "continuous employment." ... Continue Reading

No Midnight Train To Georgia: Legal Defenses And Practical Solutions To Claimant's Request To Depose An Out-Of-State Adjuster

September 02, 2008 BY Benson Ward | General

Partly thanks to the benefit of technological advances, it is now common for adjusters to handle workers' compensation claims from separate parts of the country. ... Continue Reading

A Global Offer Of Settlement From One Plaintiff To Multiple Defendants: Take It Or Leave It?

September 01, 2008 BY Eric Mull | General

With the enactment of Senate Bill 3 by the Georgia General Assembly on February 15, 2005, for the first time under Georgia law, an "offer of settlement" rule was created. ... Continue Reading

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