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Narrowing The Universality Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

July 05, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

A difficult issue for courts to determine is what to do with undocumented workers within the context of the workers' compensation system. ... Continue Reading

Misrepresentations In Hiring: How To Effectively Use The Rycroft Defense

July 04, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

The Rycroft defense allows a claim to be denied based on an employee misrepresentation. ... Continue Reading

Is Your Volunteer An "Employee"?

July 03, 2008 BY John Adkisson | General

The question of whether a volunteer is covered under an employer's workers' compensation policy seems like an easy question. Most would think that a volunteer is not an employee and therefore is not covered ... Continue Reading

Georgia Supreme Court Affirms Application Of Attorney Fees Cap Commercial Leases

July 02, 2008 BY Burke Noble | General

Many leases for commercial retail space contain "loser pays" attorney fees provisions, which enable the prevailing party in landlord/tenant litigation to collect reasonable attorney fees. ... Continue Reading

"The MMPI II – Faking Bad Scale" And Potential Use In Georgia Workers' Compensation Claims

July 01, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

Recently, a prominent pain management physician brought to our attention a test that is being included by some neuropsychologists and pain specialists in their evaluations of workers' compensation claimants ... Continue Reading

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