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Theft, Robbery And Shoplifting: An "Honest" Day's Work? Impeaching A Witness With Prior Convictions Under Georgia's New Standard

May 06, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

In countless workers' compensation claims, the sole witness to an on-the-job injury is the claimant himself. Therefore, many cases turn on the credibility of the witnesses when establishing whether an accident occurred. ... Continue Reading

Subrogation, Assignments And Loan Receipts In Georgia Property Insurance: An Update

May 05, 2008 BY Brian Moore | General

In the Spring 1995 issue of the Georgia State Bar Journal, Subrogation, Assignments, and Loan Receipts in Georgia Property Insurance: A Walk Through the Maze the writers explored the rules and pitfalls of property insurance subrogation. ... Continue Reading

Reid V. Georgia Building Authority: Examining The Claimant's Burden Of Proof In Requests For Catastrophic Designation

May 04, 2008 BY Ryan Klee | General

To receive a catastrophic designation under the current version of O.C.G.A. ยง 34-9-200.1 (g)(6) a Claimant has the burden of proving both "prongs" under the statute. ... Continue Reading

Psychological Injury Claims Remain An Insignificant Proportion Of All Workers' Compensation Claims, But What Is To Come?

May 03, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

Generally, when a person has an accident at work and sustains a physical injury, absent a few exceptions, the result is usually compensable. However, if a person is involved in an on-the-job injury, which results in a "psychological" injury, there is a question whether this injury should be deemed compensable under the Workers' Compensation Act. ... Continue Reading

Printing Your Own Money With "Pieces Of Paper": Lessons Learned And Effective Strategies For Collecting Your Judgments

May 02, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

The collection of a judgment is often the final lap of a long race. Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract, a car accident, or an open account, you are forced to file a lawsuit to collect the amount you are owed. You prevail and the judge enters judgment in your favor. Now what? ... Continue Reading

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