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Storage Companies: Be Wary Of Georgia's Self-Storage Facility Act With Respect To Foreclosing On Abandoned Vehicles

March 05, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

If you are a storage company and you want to foreclose upon or remove automobiles parked or stored on your property in the event that rent is not paid in a timely manner, be wary of 's Self-Storage Facility Act. ... Continue Reading

Recent And Proposed Changes To The Family And Medical Leave Act ("Fmla"): Is Your Policy In Compliance?

March 04, 2008 BY Megan Noble | General

On January 28, 2008, President Bush signed into law the Family Leave in Connection with Injured Members of the Armed Forces Act (the "Act.") ... Continue Reading


March 03, 2008 BY Matthew Nanninga | General

Impeachment of a witness is the process by which the laws of evidence allow the attorney to call into question the credibility of a person who is testifying at a trial. ... Continue Reading

Illegal Aliens' Entitlement To Workers' Compensation Benefits: Employer/Insurers Scramble For A Defense

March 02, 2008 BY J.C. Roper | General

Immigration reform is one of the nation's foremost concerns. After failed attempts to reform federal immigration law, many states have introduced legislation directly impacting illegal immigrants with respect to public assistance, medical care and employment. ... Continue Reading

House Bill 661: A Sign Of The Times

March 01, 2008 BY Def Admin | General

Over the past several years practitioners in the workers' compensation area have seen numerous attempts by entities seeking reimbursement for monies paid to, or on behalf of, an injured worker, and which possibly should have been the responsibility of a workers' compensation insurance carrier or self‑insurer. ... Continue Reading

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