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What To Do When OSHA Shows Up

November 04, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

Having recently participated in an on site OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) investigation following a serious accident at an Employer's facility, I gained some insight for Employers on OSHA matters. ... Continue Reading

Last Call For Those Who Serve Alcohol

November 03, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

With the holidays rapidly approaching, a sober review of 's liquor liability law is appropriate for any server of alcohol, whether the server is a bar, a restaurant, or even a neighbor. ... Continue Reading

Debunking The Myth Of Daubert: The Chance Of Excluding Plaintiff's Expert From Testifying Is Easier Than You Think

November 02, 2007 BY Douglas Burrell | General

Sometimes clients are hesitant to attempt to exclude plaintiff's testifying experts because they believe the probability of excluding the expert is low. ... Continue Reading

Axson Timber Co. V. Wilson: Clarifying The Scope Of The "Premises" Requirement In Statutory Employer Claims

November 01, 2007 BY Matthew Walker | General

In order to ensure that employees of subcontractors in construction and other industries are covered by workers' compensation insurance, O.C.G.A. ยง 34-9-8 provides that, in certain situations, a "principal, intermediate, or subcontractor" may be liable for workers' compensation benefits to an employee of its subcontractor. ... Continue Reading

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