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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Et Al V. Parker And Timely Appeals

July 04, 2007 BY Dean Dellinger | General

In Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. et al v. Parker, A06A2277 (2007), the Court of Appeals ruled that it was error for the superior court to deny the Employer and Insurer's motion to have a judgment vacated and reentered so they could seek appeal in the Court of Appeals. ... Continue Reading

Laser Printers In The Workplace: The Next Waive Of Claims?

July 03, 2007 BY Mike Bagley | General

Recent media sources report that some home and office laser printers pose serious health risks and may spew out as much particulate matter as a cigarette smoker inhales. ... Continue Reading

Five Random Thoughts About Subrogation Recovery

July 02, 2007 BY Paul Burke | General

I have had the opportunity to assist insurance carriers with subrogation recovery for many more years that I care to think about. What follows are five "random thoughts" that I would like to share with you based upon my experiences as subrogation counsel. ... Continue Reading

Avoiding Procedural Pitfalls In Statutory Change In Condition Cases

July 01, 2007 BY Stephen Graham | General

O.C.G.A. ยง34-9-104(a)(2), first enacted in 1992 as part of a substantial revision of the Workers' Compensation Act, has proven invaluable to employers and insurers in reducing their overall economic exposure in cases where a claimant has been released to return to light-duty work by the authorized treating physician but, for any number of reasons, has failed to do so. ... Continue Reading

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