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Workers' Compensation Subrogation: Federal Intervention

May 04, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

What happens when an employer has a worker's compensation lien, the injured employee then sues thetortfeasor in state court, but the case get removed to federal court on diversity grounds? Can the employer intervene? What if intervention would destroy the complete diversity requirement for federal court jurisdiction? Can the employer still recover on its' lien? ... Continue Reading

When "Bring Your Gun To Work" Comes To Your Workplace: Practical Tips For Conducting Employee Searches

May 03, 2007 BY Megan Noble | General

At some point, the shadow of employee misconduct crosses over every employer. Such misconduct can take on many forms, from employee theft to drug and alcohol use on-the-job. ... Continue Reading

Recent Rulings In Hurricane Katrina Claims Could Prove Extremely Detrimental To Insurers

May 02, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

Judge L.T. Senter is the sole federal judge presiding over Hurricane Katrina claims in the Southern District of Mississippi and his recent rulings in these cases could spell a world of trouble for insurers. ... Continue Reading

Coverage Disputes: The Procedurally Safe Method (And The Method Preferred By Georgia Appellate Courts) Is For The Insurer To Defend Its Insured Under A Reservation Of Rights, And Seek Declaration Of Coverage In Separate Action

May 01, 2007 BY Def Admin | Appellate

In its Southern Guaranty Insurance Company v. Dowse, 278 Ga. 674, 605 S.E. 2d. 27 (2004) decision, the Supreme Court of Georgia expressed to insurers that where coverage is in question, the preferred and procedurally safe method of resolving the dispute is for the insurer to defend its insured under a reservation of rights until the coverage dispute has been resolved. ... Continue Reading

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