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Recent Developments In Change In Condition

March 03, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

The firm recently obtained a very notable victory before the Georgia Court of Appeals in the case of Reliance Electric Co. v. Brightwell. ... Continue Reading

Georgia Adopts New Standard Fire Policy. 12 Month Suit Limitation, "Trap For The Unwary," Gone

March 02, 2007 BY Founding Partners | General

In 2006, operating under enabling rules, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine revised the Standard Fire Insurance Policy for the purpose of expanding the twelve month suit limitation. ... Continue Reading

Ante Litem Notice And Contribution Claims: Balancing Sufficiency And Timeliness

March 01, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

Georgia law requires any individual or entity that may bring a claim against a government entity to provide that government entity with notice (ante litem notice) of the potential claim prior to filing of the suit or claim. ... Continue Reading

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