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Rehabilitation Counselor V. Rehabilitation Supplier Avoiding Defense Problems In Change In Condition Litigation

January 04, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

The recent Georgia Court of Appeals' holding in Korner v. Education Management Corporation, 2006 Ga. App. LEXIS 1089, illustrates how important it is not only to obtain the best qualified witness in support of your defense, but also to obtain evidence which corroborates the witnesses' opinions. ... Continue Reading

Insufficient Service Of Process: More Than A Technical Defense

January 03, 2007 BY Matthew Nanninga | General

The commencement of a lawsuit comes as a surprise to many insureds. For others, it is nearly an everyday occurrence. Whether an insured is a rookie or a seasoned veteran in their experience accepting process, the plaintiff's task of serving process correctly remains constant. ... Continue Reading

Boxed In? The Dilemma Employers And Insurers Face In Change In Condition Cases

January 02, 2007 BY Def Admin | General

Is there a statute of limitations in change in condition claims where only permanent partial disability benefits (PPD), but no temporary total or temporary partial disability benefits have been paid? ... Continue Reading

Atlanta Federal District Court Upholds One-Year Suit Limitation In Mold Case

January 01, 2007 BY Karen Karabinos | Appellate

An Atlanta Federal District Court recently upheld the application of a one-suit limitation to claims involving an allegation of latent damage involving mold in the case of Balkcom v. USAA Casualty Ins. Co. (Civil Action File No.: 1:04-CV-2348-TCB). ... Continue Reading

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