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Trampling The "Change In Condition" Statute---The Supreme Court And Footstar

November 03, 2006 BY J.C. Roper | General

Before the Footstar case, relative to a "change in condition", in the absence of an award and payment of income benefits, a "change in condition" could not result from a "medical only" claim. ... Continue Reading

Minor Settlements Revisited

November 02, 2006 BY Def Admin | General

couple of years ago, I wrote an article discussing settling the claim of a minor in the state of Georgia.Since that time, the legislature has repealed those laws in favor of a new set of statutes governing these settlements. ... Continue Reading

Attorney/Client Privilege & E-Mail

November 01, 2006 BY Def Admin | General

E-mail has changed the way law firms do business. Not only does it save time, it allows for efficiency in managing large discovery matters. ... Continue Reading

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