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The Nuisance Of Local Government: When Municipalities And Counties Are Liable For Nuisances

May 04, 2006 BY Megan Noble | General

Georgia nuisance law provides a potential remedy for landowners whose property has been damaged by the activities of a developer, neighboring landowner, or municipality. ... Continue Reading

Practical Tips For Employee Discipline And Discharge

May 03, 2006 BY Megan Noble | General

His resume looked great and his interview was terrific. As soon as he left the room, you made the decision to hire him immediately. ... Continue Reading

Long Standing Subrogation Rights Affirmed

May 02, 2006 BY Brian Moore | General

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently confirmed that subrogation rights will not pass to an insurer until payment under the policy has been made. ... Continue Reading

Board Forms: A Refresher

May 01, 2006 BY Def Admin | General

Workers' Compensation is a very form-driven area of the law. Almost every action the Employer/Insurer takes is required to be documented via some board form. ... Continue Reading

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