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The Continuous Employment Doctrine: An Ever-Expanding Pitfall For Employers

March 03, 2006 BY | General

As a general rule, an accident which occurs while an employee is going to, or coming from, work, is not compensable in workers' compensation. ... Continue Reading

Tennessee Formally Adopts New Limitations To Coverage For Increased Cost Of Repair: Chattanooga Bank Associates V. Fidelity And Deposit Company Of Maryland

March 02, 2006 BY Brian Moore | General

Insurers are generally presented with claims seeking reimbursement for the increased cost of repair or cost of code upgrades. However, sophisticated insureds often attempt to obtain coverage for the "increased cost of repair" to non-damaged property, arguing that "concurrent causation" principles apply. The "concurrent causation" doctrine creates coverage in a situation where a non-excluded cause is a substantial factor in producing the damage or inj ... Continue Reading

Insurance Commissioner Issues Emergency Rule Regarding Suit Limitations Contained In Policies

March 01, 2006 BY Karen Karabinos | General

On February 20, 2006, John W. Oxendine, Georgia's Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, issued a "Notice of Emergency Rulemaking" changing the one-year suit limitations contained in fire policies to four years. ... Continue Reading

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