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Georgia Court of Appeals Defines What Constitutes "Customary Operations" of a Building Owner

January 03, 2017 BY Karen Karabinos | Subrogation

Vacancy exclusions found in insurance policies issued to owners of commercial buildings typically provide that a building is vacant unless at least 31% of its total square footage is (i) rented to a lessee or sub-lessee and used b the lessee or sub-lessee to conduct its customary operations; and/or (ii) used by the building owner to conduct its customary operations. ... Continue Reading

Litigation Pitfalls: Failure To Preserve Evidence In Your"Control."

May 03, 2014 BY Lisa Richardson | Employment Law

Spoliation of evidence is the destruction or failure to preserve evidence within the possession, custody or control of a party after that party ... Continue Reading

Damage To A Contractor's Own Work Can Be Within The Definition Of "Occurance" In A CGL Policy But Still May Not Be Covered

November 04, 2013 BY Brian Moore | Construction Law

On July 12, 2013, the Supreme Court of Georgia issued a ruling in Taylor Morrison Services, Inc. v. HDI-Gerling America Ins. Co., further interpreting and defining the term "occurrence" as used in the context of a "standard" CGL policy.[1] (No. S13Q0462; 2013WL3841555). ... Continue Reading

Georgia Court Of Appeals: Defendants' Maintain Their Right To Contribution For Pre-Trial Settlements

May 02, 2013 BY Brian Moore | Subrogation

In Zurich American Ins. Co., et al. v. Heard, et al., the Court of Appeals provided clarity to the Georgia Tort Reform statutes and the interplay ... Continue Reading

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