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Protect Yourself At All Times: Wear A Veil

January 05, 2012 BY Gary Beelen | Commercial Law

One of the first decisions a prospective business owner needs to make, especially self-employed or small business owners, is the proper business form through ... Continue Reading

Anticipation Of Litigation Protection For Claim Files

January 01, 2012 BY Karen Karabinos | First Party Insurance Law

Once litigation is filed, insured's attorneys regularly serve requests for production of documents seeking the insurance company's entire ... Continue Reading

Changes To Handling Of Garnishments In Georgia

September 01, 2011 BY Megan Noble | Employment Law

For many years, Georgia employers have relied on clerical and administrative staff or employee/payroll services to handle responding to routine garnishments. ... Continue Reading

The (Bankruptcy) Trustee Cometh

January 04, 2011 BY Gary Beelen | Commercial Law

The primary function of a bankruptcy Trustee is to marshal the assets of a bankrupt debtor's estate to pay the creditors of the bankrupt debtor. This ... Continue Reading

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