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January 27, 2020 BY Melody Kiella | Commercial Law

It is undeniable that litigation funding is taking the legal world by storm. In 2017, 36% of U.S. law firms reported using litigation funding, which was a 414% increase in use since 2013 when only 7% of law firms reported using it).1 ... Continue Reading

Shielding Your Company From Claims By Temporary Employees

February 06, 2017 BY Robert Quinn | Commercial Law

For some, the Christmas season is considered the most wonderful time of the year. But for many businesses, especially in the retail and hospitality industry, the season is their busiest time. According to the National Retail Federation, most retail businesses see a 30 percent increase in sales in November and December as compared to the rest of the year. For this reason, it is not uncommon for many businesses to hire seasonal employees. The increase demand requires additional workers, albeit on a temporary basis. Many companies rely on temp agencies to fill these gaps in workers. Many of these employees are hired as 1099 independent contractors, while some are merely contracted out from the temp agency. But the relationship between your business and the temporary hiring agency may raise several concerns. What happens when one of these temporary employees gets injured on the job? Who is responsible for compensating the employee? And how can you help to shield your business from any liability? ... Continue Reading

Georgia Supreme Court: The Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity Does Not Bar Sureties And Subrogees From Recovering Against The State

June 02, 2015 BY Adam Beedenbender | Commercial Law

On September 22, 2014, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed a controversial Court of Appeals decision, which held that the doctrine of sovereign ... Continue Reading

When Less Is More: Newell Recycling Of Atlanta, Inc. V. Jordan Jones & Goulding, Inc.

March 03, 2012 BY Jason Prine | Professional Malpractice and Healthcare Litigation

Professional services agreements generally contain descriptions of the work to be performed regardless of whether these agreements ... Continue Reading

Protect Yourself At All Times: Wear A Veil

January 05, 2012 BY Gary Beelen | Commercial Law

One of the first decisions a prospective business owner needs to make, especially self-employed or small business owners, is the proper business form through ... Continue Reading

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