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Attorney Mental Health & Wellness - A Personal Essay on Why I Believe We Have an Ethical Obligation to Act on it in the Workplace

March 26, 2021 BY Taylor Poncz | General

January 31, 2021 was 2 years since the day Daniel took his life and I still think about it on an almost-daily basis. Weren't his parting words to me, "I'll see you at the birthday party this weekend!"? I've replayed the conversation, and many others prior to that, over and over in my head and it still doesn't make any sense. Not to me, at least. ... Continue Reading

The Interplay Between Illegal Alien Status And Fraud Under The Workers' Compensation Act

September 28, 2017 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

Illegal alien status and its role in the workers' compensation arena has always been a hot topic, but it is hotter than ever right now, at least in large part due to our current political climate. ... Continue Reading

O.C.G.A. 34-9-82 and the Potential for Waiver of the Statute of Limitations Defense

October 18, 2016 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

As a matter of practice, one of the first things an adjuster or defense counsel should do when receiving a file is to check to see whether a WC-14 notice of claim or hearing request has been filed, and if so, the date of the filing of the form. ... ... Continue Reading

Work hard, play hard: An overview of the law on injuries occuring during recreational events

September 21, 2015 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

The success of a company can be measured in many ways, one of which is by the happiness of its employees. ... Continue Reading

Statutory Employment: Liability And A Right To Seek Reimbursement

September 05, 2014 BY Taylor Poncz | Workers Compensation

In Georgia, the Workers' Compensation Act was designed to protect and cover employees against injuries on the job. However, in certain cases, ... Continue Reading

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