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Are We There Yet?: Court REaffirms Established Doctrine Regarding Accidents Going To And Coming From Work

July 01, 2013 BY Stephen Graham | Workers Compensation

In a decision favorable to employers and insurers, the Georgia Court of Appeals, in the recent cases of The Medical Center, Inc. v. Hernandez et al. and Hernandez et al. ... Continue Reading

Workers' Compensation Subrogation Update

June 05, 2011 BY Stephen Graham | Workers Compensation

It seems no one today is immune from the rising costs of health care. As a result, more and more insurers are seeking alternative ways in which to curb expenses and reduce ... Continue Reading

Dekalb County Board Of Education V. Singleton: Revisiting The Compensability Of Psychological Injuries In Workers' Compensation Cases

September 02, 2009 BY Stephen Graham | General

Georgia Employer's routinely encounter workers' compensation claims seeking lost-time benefits and/or medical treatment for alleged psychological injuries. ... Continue Reading

Avoiding Procedural Pitfalls In Statutory Change In Condition Cases

July 01, 2007 BY Stephen Graham | General

O.C.G.A. ยง34-9-104(a)(2), first enacted in 1992 as part of a substantial revision of the Workers' Compensation Act, has proven invaluable to employers and insurers in reducing their overall economic exposure in cases where a claimant has been released to return to light-duty work by the authorized treating physician but, for any number of reasons, has failed to do so. ... Continue Reading

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