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Finding the Usual Suspects - Death Benefits Stemming from Third Party Criminal Action Against Employee

July 30, 2020 BY Nirav Patel | Workers Compensation

When employers are faced with the unexpected death of an employee, they may be held liable under the Georgia Workers Compensation Act. However, for this to occur, the employee's death must result from an accident "arising out of and in the course of employment." Although the claimant bears the burden of proof to establish that the employee for whom they are claiming benefits did in fact die in the course of his or her employment, there exists a presumption that the death meets the criteria for coverage under workers compensation, if the death is unexplained and if the employee is found in a place where he might reasonably have been expected to be in the performance of his duties. Code, ยง 114-101 et seq. ... Continue Reading

Dual Coverage for Workers' Compensation Insurance Under a Voluntary Policy and Assigned Risk Plan in Georgia

May 31, 2019 BY Nirav Patel | Workers Compensation

Georgia employers are required by law to retain workers' compensation insurance if they employ three or more full time, part time, or seasonal employees. This is an arduous endeavor, however, as several employers are unable to obtain workers' compensation coverage in the standard insurance market. Fortunately, every state provides employers an opportunity to acquire workers' compensation insurance through a Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan, Pool, or Residual Market. ... Continue Reading

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