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Incarceration in Georgia Workers' Compensation Law: What are the issues and how to tackle them

December 14, 2015 BY Mike Bagley | Workers Compensation

The workers' compensation system is a microcosm of American society as a whole and there are times when injured ... Continue Reading

2013 Workers Compensation Legislation

September 01, 2012 BY Mike Bagley | Workers Compensation

The Advisory Council of the State Board of Workers' Compensation has announced that it will submit its 2013 legislative package to the governor this month. ... Continue Reading

Innocence Lost: The Innocent Co-Insured Doctrine In Georgia

January 02, 2010 BY Mike Bagley | General

In a first party property insurance setting, a question that frequently arises is whether the fraud or misconduct of one insured will bar recovery by other innocent co-insureds. ... Continue Reading

Federal Stimulus Package Subsidizes Health Insurance Premiums Under Cobra

March 04, 2009 BY Mike Bagley | General

Among the many programs implemented in the wake of the current economic crisis is one particularly relevant for those involved with reductions in force and other job eliminations. ... Continue Reading

Journal Celebrates 20 Years

November 04, 2008 BY Mike Bagley | General

This newsletter has been published faithfully and uninterrupted every other month for the past 20 years. ... Continue Reading

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