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Board Rule 203(e) and the Limited Requirement to Provide Transportation Services

January 31, 2016 BY Max Compton | Workers Compensation

Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation Rule 203(e) provides in pertinent part as follows: "[m]edical expenses shall include but are not limited to the reasonable cost of travel between the employee's home and the place of examination or treatment or physical therapy, or the pharmacy." The Rule goes on to provide that an employer/insurer shall pay the claimant at a rate of 40 cents per mile when the travel to and from authorized medical treatment is by private vehicle. However, Board Rule 203(e) has also been interpreted to require employer/insurers to provide transportation for claimants to get to and from medical appointments in certain situations. ... Continue Reading

"Residence Premises:" Determing Where An Insured Resides

March 01, 2014 BY Max Compton | First Party Insurance Law

When investigating whether a homeowners' policy provides coverage for an insured's property loss, a threshold matter to always bear in mind is ... Continue Reading

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