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Impact of Detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Workers' Compensation Benefits

December 04, 2017 BY Lauren Julian | Workers Compensation

With the increasing focus on illegal immigration in our current political climate one issue that employers and insurers are likely to encounter is what happens to an illegal alien claimant's temporary total disability in the event of detainment by the United States Bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ... Continue Reading

A Refresher and Overview of Death Claims

August 02, 2016 BY Lauren Julian | Workers Compensation

One of the most challenging cases that can arise in the workers' compensation arena involves a work-place fatality. ... Continue Reading

Workers' Compensation Liability Arising Out Of Recreational Or Social Events: Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

August 05, 2015 BY Lauren Julian | Appellate

As the weather warms up and everyone gravitates towards spending more time outdoors, Employer's often host or sponsor recreational or social events for their employees. ... Continue Reading

Willful Misconduct: The Horseplay And Assult Exceptions To The Workers' Compensation Act

June 04, 2014 BY Lauren Julian | Workers Compensation

Jack and Jill are friendly coworkers who often chat and take breaks together. One day while working together, Jack animatedly tells Jill ... Continue Reading

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